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>..."The best PDL for Ada is Ada."

I guess that PDL stands for "Project Design Language", right? Or maybe,
"Project Description Language"?

>the advantages of Ada 95, is that it makes the mapping to PDR and CDR easy:
>        PDR ==> Main program and all root library units.
>        CDR ==> Remaining (child) package specs plus key algorithms.

What those PDR and CDR stand for? Probably "P" = "Project", "C" = "Components",
"D" = "Design" or "Description" and "R" = "Review" or "Requirements".

>that you have to get--in government procurement terms--these "software
>deliveries" spelled out in the RFP.  What we have found best--if you can
>get it in the RFP and contract--is to have read access to the CM files.)

I guess that RFP stands for "Request For Proposal", but what is CM?
Maybe, "Customer's Memory? -:)

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