>    Wes wrote:
> I have spent less then 45 hours porting 17,000 files from Apex to GNAT.

In comparison, I know one C++ product, about 200_000 SLOC, which was
fully functional on platform "A".  This includes an unknown number
of SLOC in vendor's libraries, also written in/from C++, which took
1 person 3 months to "convert" to platform "B".  This person is smart,
and works in an organization where almost all of the software engineers
have a M.S. in Computer Science/Software Engineering and 5+ years
of experience in difficult systems.  Yet it took all that time and
effort.   Someone I know who works there tells me that over half
of the "defects" he found in the process would have been trivially
prevented by the Ada language facilities used in a "reasonable"
(no advanced) manner.

..Paul S.