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On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Stanley Allen wrote:

> Real-time embedded systems are pretty neat.  Some scorn
> defense work, but the technical content of many defense

I kind of object to defense work on the grounds that I'm a tree-hugging
hippy scumbad and more importantly defiantely do not agree with what my
government does as far as the use of force goes.

> systems can be exciting.  And outside defense: space
> applications, avionics, robotics, etc.; I think these
> can have a certain appeal to young developers.

I think space and robotic applications are the "coolest" ones out of that
lot, avionics is, i think, percived as being a bit dull.

Personally I'm in it for the networking and crypto stuff, but that's
because I have pretensions towards large scale international arms dealing.

> own to impressionable youngsters (speaking as a former
> impressionable university student wowed by Ada tasking
> in 1985).

Personally I was wowed by the nice object model of Ada 95 and the tasking.
That and the fact that it doesn't use braces left, right and center (which
I hate from an asthetic point of view).

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