Stanley Allen wrote:
> Can anyone give an Ada perspective on this press release?
> The note mentions that 900K slocs were delivered, but Ada
> is not mentioned, though surely it was used.  Perhaps
> mentioning the language is not always appropriate in a
> press release (after all, what does Boeing have to gain by
> saying that it was Ada code), but I have the feeling that if
> Java was the implementation language, the article would
> have mentioned it, just because Java is a 'hot item'
> nowadays.

About mentioning Java part in press releases, you are right
on the money, see:

"For now, Java is having its moment in the sun, driving up
stock prices of any company that mentions the "J" word in
a press release. But analysts like Greenbaum warn that the
fad won't last forever and in no time talking about Java
will be as exciting as talking about Cobol.",4,29776,00.html?owv