"Robert I. Eachus" wrote:

> >Those are good questions of course. But the above one is not asked
> >much nowadays since in this age of Java, it is supposed to
> >eliminate the need to ask it.

>     Buy that and I have a bridge to sell you.

Ok, I got the money, where is the bridge? ;)

> But the user interface shown on NT has to
> be different from that shown on Unix, even though all that
> code actually lives and runs on Unix boxes.  The GUI has to be
> consistant with user expectations, and the user expectations are
> different.

Sorry, I do not see the problem here?  Java Swing allows you
to switch the look&feel of the GUI to that of Windows, X, or
Java own, called Metal (may be Swing also supports Mac look&feel
but not sure).

So, simply add a button on the GUI to allow the client to switch
the GUI look&feel to one they like (at run-time, without restarting
the application). Done all the time. you never know, some windows
users might want to use the X look&feel !