Dale Stanbrough wrote:

> This is a bit ingenuous. If you were to have a stored program in
> a database(e.g. replace PL/SQL's stored code method (p-code?) with
> J-code) then you really wouldn't want it to be hardware specific >(J-Code is a very compact

With sybase adaptive server anywhere v 6.0, which I have
running now on my linux box (you get 60 days free download),
one can use java to write database stored procedures.

It is very simple. you write you java code. load the class in,
then you invoke the class passing it any arguments (to the
main() of the class of course), instead of invoking the normal
PL/SQL procedure name.(different syntax of course).

Then the java class is loaded and runs inside the JVM build
in, displaying back the results.

It is neat actually to be able to write stored procedures in Java,
not sure why, but it seems neat :) I supposed Java is a
better general language than PL/SQL to use as for stored procedure,
and since more people know java than PL/SQL (educated gussing here),
I would expect that using Java to write stored procedures in
databases will grow very quickly. I think oracle 8i supports
this type of thing also, but have not checked into it, but I am
almost sure you can do this also in oracle.