Criley, Marc A wrote:
> It's not so much that no one is willing to participate, particularly
> engineers--it's probably a result of the standard large corporate
> dictate that employees may not directly speak to the media regarding
> company practices and products, all such contacts must be via "Media
> Relations".

The Media Relations people may not have the technical background to
see the PR advantage in talking about Boeing's use of Ada (which is
not even a popular buzzword).  The technical people probably see
that it shows Boeing as a safety-conscious technology leader.

But, does anyone technical from Boeing know about this opportunity?
Are they on this list?

If anyone knows someone appropriate at Boeing, please ask them to
check with the appropriate managers and Media Relations people, and
see if they can push some info through Media Relations out to Ann.  A
push from inside may do a lot more than a request from outside.

I can see why Media Relations wouldn't spend much effort to develop
this PR opportunity.  It's kind of marginal from their point of view
-- how many airplane customers read compiler ads?  But if it consumes
no budget, they may be willing to look over an info release to get the
free publicity.  (Or not, but it shouldn't hurt to ask.)

Sam Mize

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