Use POSIX Ada 1003.5.  It has everything you want, and should work across
almost all OS systems, especially UNIX.  All vendors of Ada compilers support
POSIX Ada to my best knowledge.

Doing anything else is non-portable because OS interfaces are non-portable.


On Wednesday, June 30, 1999 9:48 AM, Ohlund Magnus
[SMTP:[log in to unmask]] wrote:
> Does anybody know how to make calls to operating system routines from
> inside
> an Ada program ?
> Is it possible to make the code independent of the actual operating system
> We are trying to get a grip of the files in a directory and want to run the
> program in different envirionments possibly.
> Does there exist a package for this maybe ?
> Thanks.
> Magnus Ohlund
> Celsius Aerotech