> From: Bob Leif, Ph.D.
> Two questions. 1) Was this date package written in Ada? And 2) If it was
> written in Ada, how much work did it take to fix? I suspect that there may
> have been other Year 2K problems in Ada. However, the ease of maintaining
> Ada made the effort to repair minimal. Minimal effort projects are seldom
> reported because they do not change the budget. Actually, the Year 2K
> problem is NOT the disease. If Year 2K problem is significant, it is a
> symptom of poorly engineered software.
1) Yes it was written in Ada.
2) Not sure about the amount of work to fix.  It wasn't very much.
   For the offending routines we added an extra parameter that defined
   the sliding window, with a default that caused it to behave as before
   so that user code that didn't have to change.