Stanley Allen wrote:
> Can anyone give an Ada perspective on this press release?
> The note mentions that 900K slocs were delivered, but Ada
> is not mentioned, though surely it was used.  Perhaps
> mentioning the language is not always appropriate in a
> press release (after all, what does Boeing have to gain by
> saying that it was Ada code), but I have the feeling that if
> Java was the implementation language, the article would
> have mentioned it, just because Java is a 'hot item'
> nowadays.
> And what about the International Space Station?  Over this
> weekend, the space station received a lot of good press
> because of the successful installation of equipment and
> smooth operations.  Ada is a critical technology for the
> flight systems of the space station and many of the ground
> systems (including the training facility, which I work on).
> Boeing, Raytheon and Lockheed perceive no vested interest
> in publishing their Ada success stories.
> In the past, compiler vendors would issue press releases
> on success of various Ada-related projects.  AJPO used to
> do some PR, usually by writing stories in its newsletter.
> Does anyone know if the ARA has plans to publish Ada PR?

Yes, we are now paying Ann Brandon, who worked for AJPO in the
past, to prepare press releases, success stories, etc.
I have "CC"ed her on this item.  She might look into producing
another press release on this, if Boeing approves.
> It would be nice if the Ada part of the story was told when
> when a project successfully completes a milestone.
> Stanley Allen
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