Scott and Laura Moody wrote:

> Looking at killer places to use Ada, has
> anyone plugged Ada (like gnat Ada) into the
> Apache web server infrastructure? I am
> looking into this as the traditional "perl"
> applications start to get too big (say 100 lines:-).

You can do CGI in  any language, not just Perl.  TO do CGI you really
need to have the following capabilities:

1.  Read Environmental variables
2.  Call system resources
3.  Manipulate files and directories
4.  String processing (regular expression capability)
5.  Have a hash/associative array capability to simplify processing.

All this can be done in any language, including Ada.  Check out the Ada
CGI package at

Combining that with the GNAT/spitbol stuff should do it.

> I know this is possible from C/C++ modules, so it
> should work from Ada also.
> This would be a very powerful capability. ASIS
> could probably be used to generate the
> perl module interfaces that Apache seems to
> need to describe the coupling from the embedded
> language and the applications (something like IDL).
> Any previous experience in this would be appreciated.
> I am actually looking at this for some XML
> parsing and tree traversal capabilities - written
> in Ada, of course.

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