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The simplest and most portable way to do this is to treat IEEE Standard for
Information Technology, POSIX Ada Language Interfaces, Part 1: Binding for
System Application Program Interface (API) IEEE Std. 1003.5b-1996, Includes
IEEE Std 1003.5-1992) as the equivalent of an Annex. This eventually would
require SIGAda or the ARA to work out a formal agreement with IEEE to
codevelop and cosponsor Ada_POSIX.

If I remember correctly, the original Ada design mentioned an APSE with a
database to serve as the file manager. Like much of the history of Ada, it
was an absolutely correct but somewhat premature suggestion. Ada 95 does
provide elegant technology for building this type of database.

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> Subject: calling system routines inside an Ada program
> Does anybody know how to make calls to operating system routines
> from inside
> an Ada program ?
> Is it possible to make the code independent of the actual
> operating system ?
> We are trying to get a grip of the files in a directory and want
> to run the
> program in different envirionments possibly.
> Does there exist a package for this maybe ?
> Thanks.
> Magnus Íhlund
> Celsius Aerotech