Steven Deller wrote:

> Use POSIX Ada 1003.5.  It has everything you want, and should work across
> almost all OS systems, especially UNIX.  All vendors of Ada compilers support
> POSIX Ada to my best knowledge.
> Doing anything else is non-portable because OS interfaces are non-portable.

Not for everything. A lot of useful OS functionalitity is on most systems
available through the standard C and Posix libraries. As the interface to
C is standardized by Ada, you can use a lot of OS functionality without
resorting to a POSIX binding.

In practice, of course, the portablility will be restricted by the degree
in which the Ada compiler manafacturer inplemented proper sementics for
the C interface, and what diversions of the ANSI-C and POSIX standards
the OS and C manufacturers allowed/build-in.

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