Creativity & Cognition 3, 1999
Intersections and Collaborations: Art, Music, Technology, and Science
An ACM SIGCHI International Conference

                        www. bashful.lboro.ac.uk/cc99

Invited Speakers:
Marvin Minsky,
        leading scientist, founding pioneer of Artificial Intelligence,
        and author of "The Society of Mind";
Harold Cohen,
        leading artist, early developer of computer based art and creator
of Aaron,
        a computer program that generates drawings and paintings
Ben Shneiderman
        Leading HCI expert and author of the first textbook on HCI.
        Leading performance artist working interactively with the internet
etc etc

Tom Hewett
        The well regarded CHI tutorial in a new version.

Topics and Themes: Theories and studies of creativity and cognition;
Computers as creativity machines; Computers as catalysts for human
creativity; Initiatives in fostering creativity in the community;
Intersections and correspondences between art, music, science, and
technology; Interactions between artists, musicians, and scientists; Impact
of new technology on thinking and action in art, music, and science;
Scenarios for the future in the creative arts


Professor Ernest Edmonds
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Creativity and Cognition 1999