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          SIGAda'99 Annual International Conference
     Crowne Plaza Hotel, 300 N. Harbor Dr., Redondo Beach, CA


           Tutorials Oct.17-18, Conference Oct.19-21
            Exhibits Oct.19-20, Workshops Throughout

SIGAda '99 features a full track devoted to the theme of
"The Engineering of Industrial Strength Real-Time & Distributed
Systems Using Ada & Related Technologies." A second track of Ada
software engineering and education topics complements this theme.
The SIGAda '99 conference program offers presentations covering
advanced topics for practitioners striving to expand their
expertise, as well as introductory topics for those new to Ada.

Keynote Speakers:
  Bran Selic (ObjecTime)
     Architectural Patterns for Complex Real-Time Systems
  John McCormick (University of Northern Iowa)
     Ada, Model Railroading, and Software Engineering Education
  Barry Boehm (University of Southern California)
     Predicting the Future of Computer Systems and Software Engineering

Tutorials cover a broad range of topics of interest to all software
engineering practitioners, including:
  * An Introduction to Ada 95
  * Software Architecture
  * Unified Modeling Language
  * Design Patterns
  * High-Integrity and Real-Time Programming
  * Java
  * Software Development Tools
  * Process Improvement
  * Software Metrics
  * Project Management

SIGAda'99 Great Values!
  * Career-enhancing tutorials by experts at affordable rates
  * Pay-for-1-Tutorial/Get-Charts-For-All-17 (a SIGAda tradition!)
  * Price Rollback to 1995 Fees in Honor of Ada 95
  * Discounted registration rates through September 18
  * Free workshops participation with conference registration
  * Free Walnut Creek Ada/Software Engineering 2-disc CD
  * Grants for educators and students
  * Luxury hotel on the Pacific at great price

Sponsored by ACM SIGAda, In Cooperation With Ada-Europe and

Conference Chair:  Hal Hart (TRW), [log in to unmask]
Program Committee Co-Chairs:  Tucker Taft (AverStar),
     Franco Gasperoni (Ada Core Technologies and ACT-Europe)
Exhibits Chair:  Ben Brosgol, [log in to unmask]

Visit the conference website at http://www.acm.org/sigada/conf/sigada99
for full technical program, tutorial & workshop descriptions, exhibition
information, as well as hotel and registration information.