> .....  I can write an Ada application without a
> GUI builder, but I cannot write a VB application without a GUI builder.

I never did any of the fancier stuff you've discussed, but I HAVE written
VB without a GUI builder.  In Word or Excel, I create a simple macro, then
open the source code (text) window and replace it with what I want it to
do.  (All the while cursing the stupid syntax and (lack of) other

By the way, if you're going to generate a non-Ada GUI, what makes VB
better than a TCL/Tk/wish interface, or a Java front-end, or even an
X/Motif?  (With this font, I look at "VB" and think "Wow! I could have
had a V8!")

> You are welcome to visit .....

I certainly will!