At 05:57 PM 9/13/1999 -0700, Robert C. Leif, Ph.D. wrote:

>Although I did not expect to find it, I searched my C: drive for uncgi.* and
>found nothing. Do you have a location where uncgi can be obtained?

     The version I am using is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I looked it up on the web:

>  How would its use help the present problem of just obtaining the string
>  sent by Submit Form?

   uncgi decodes all that and puts it in evironment variables, read the uncgi documentation.  (If you need an Ada binding to getenv, I can send you one, but it is just a few lines of code...)  I have never had any problem compiling uncgi on any platform even though it is written in C.  (Actually that is an unwarrented slam of C.  It is written in standard, and portable C, most programs in C that claim to be portable depend heavily on ifdefs.)

   Incidently, I use/have used uncgi under Win NT 4.0, with a webserver called HTTPS.  (The only problem was reading the HTTPS documentation to find the slight differences from the Unix webservers.)

                                        Robert I. Eachus

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