On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Jacob Sparre Andersen wrote:

> Maybe we are doing this the wrong way. What prevents us from
> implementing whatever services we want as a simple HTTP
> daemon? Then we would just have to ask the user to launch

Libra, a library of resuable ada code providing generic data structures
and networking code, will shortly include http in the next version. This
should be out at the start of October (it would be out sooner, but I'm
unexpectedly in New Orleans for 2 weeks).

> I think a sufficiently large proportion of the world's
> computers are equipped with an IP stack, to make this a
> sensible solution.

I think that just about every concievable client computer has a tcp stack
and a web browser these days. it's quite scary, but ther you go.

- Aidan (when I were a lad we had 48k of RAM and had to get up 3 hours
before we went to bed...)