--- Jacob Sparre Andersen <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Maybe we are doing this the wrong way. What prevents
> us from
> implementing whatever services we want as a simple
> daemon?

For sure!

> Then we would just have to ask the user to
> launch
> the approppriate version of the daemon (OS
> dependent), which
> would bind to a local IP port (#1815?), where
> interactive
> links would point.

Or better yet just launch and Ada program that starts
the browser (in Win32 you can start the registered
browser easily IE or Netscape with a shell start api
call) and then generates then index file with a simple
meta tag that just refers back to itself with its
local IP port.

Example generated file:


Where 1234 is generated on the fly based on the port
it uses.

The entire httpd engine can just be a simple set of
packages that you register code with ala call back

> We would even get the benefit of finding the URL of
> the
> files on the CD through the "referer" header.

Not needed if you integrate everything in to the Ada

David Botton

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