-- I have done some programming in C/C++, Java and Pascal. Now the turn has
come to Ada, and I like it!
-- I've seen some discussions that C programmers who starts coding in Ada
writes the Ada code like it
-- was C, kind of hard to read for a non C programmer I mean. Well I think I
will stick to the more "readable"
-- way of coding.

Now for my question:
I'm testing Rational Apex Ada ver - 2.0.2A for Win NT and can't find a way
to display warnings when I compile the code. I would like to know if there
are any unused variables in my code and if I have included packages that
isn't used.

I have tried to read the helpfiles but that didn't help much!!! Code_rules
here and switches there, well my brain overheated there for a while :-)

If anyone knows how to do this, please reply.

By the way does anyone know where I can find a good and simple example that
uses Open GL graphics, in Ada of course.

Have a nice day!

Urban Wretling