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> program
> Method 3:
> Create the Ada DLL, but then create a Type Library using the Module class.
> This will let you create a binary spec for the Ada DLL that can then be
> loaded in to VB or any other language supporting Type Library binding (BTW
> Ada now supports this by running BindCOM - http://www.adapower.com/com --
> on the Type Library.  BindCOM is not just for creating COM/ActiveX
> bindings.)
Can you explain what you mean by "BindCOM is not just for creating
COM/ActiveX bindings."  Your webpage only states BindCOM "Creates a thin or
thick binding to COM objects" and as far as I can tell the zip file
http://www.adapower.com/com/bindcom.zip contains only an executable.  There
is no doc or readme file.

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