A program to convert C header files to Ada packages is, in my opinion, a
critical need for gaining acceptance of Ada.  The argument "It is too hard
to switch back and forth to convert by hand; I'll just use C" is too

The program "c2ada" seems to be the only available tool for this purpose.
But there is seemingly no vendor support for this tool (if I am wrong,
please correct me).  Why is this the case?

I have not been able to get the tool to work.  I could understand the lack
of need for support if the tool was trivial to use and had no bugs.  But
unless I am making some really simple mistake (always possible), it is not
trivial to use correctly.

I am hoping someone can tell me I am wrong, and will point to some vendor
who supports a tool such as this (hosted on Linux, Solaris, or Windows NT).
Roger Racine
Draper Laboratory, MS 31
555 Technology Sq.
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA