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Subject: URL for the ISORC 2K conference
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Here is a CFP for the ISORC 2K conference for which you so kindly agreed to
be on the industrial program committee. Please pass this one to your
colleagues who might be interested.


Bran Selic

                      CALL   FOR   PAPERS (v4)
                 ( )

                             ISORC 2000

              The 3rd IEEE International Symposium on
          Object-oriented Real-time distributed Computing

  March 15 - 17,           Sponsored by:     In cooperation with:
       2000           IEEE Computer Society     IFIP WG 10.4,
  Newport Beach,        TC on Distributed       OMG,
    California              Processing          IBM


This is the third IEEE Computer Society symposium dealing with the
rapidly expanding field of object-oriented real-time distributed
computing (ORC) technology.  The increased interest in this area
means that the symposium has outgrown the capacity of an
attendance-limited workshop.  ISORC was created with the goal of
becoming an exemplary symposium series characterized by a spirit
of openness, where diverse views and new approaches can be freely

The principal theme of ISORC is the use of the object-oriented
computing paradigm -- which has prevailed in many non-real-time
applications in the past decade -- in a wide variety of real-time

Papers pertaining to all aspects of ORC are sought, including but
not limited to the following:

  *  New ORC paradigms
  *  Object models
  *  Requirements engineering
  *  System (incl. communication), hardware, and software
       architectures (real-time CORBA, DCOM, real-time Java, etc.)
  *  Specification and design
  *  Real-time system architectures
  *  Languages and tools for structuring real-time objects
  *  Highly-dependable ORC, including fault-tolerant and secure
  *  Resource allocation and Memory management (garbage
       collection, etc.)
  *  Operating system support for ORC and real-time object request
  *  Database architectures for ORC
  *  Real-time simulation
  *  Testing, verification, and evaluation of system properties,
       including output accuracy, timeliness, dependability, etc.
  *  System/software engineering methodology
  *  Multimedia processing and WAN communication applications
  *  Application areas such as embedded systems (automotive,
       avionics, consumer electronics), business and industrial
       applications, etc.

Papers dealing with other issues that are related to the
specification, design, implementation, and evaluation of ORC
systems are also welcome.  To promote dialogue between researchers
and users of ORC, contributions from industry are particularly

The Program Committee will use the following guidelines in
evaluating the submitted papers and composing the technical

  *  Papers must be relevant, directly or indirectly, to the
       central themes of real time and object orientation.

  *  Papers presenting practical techniques, ideas, or evaluations
       will be favored.  Experience reports or experimental
       developments are particularly welcome. Originality will not
       be interpreted too narrowly.

  *  Papers that are based on extremely unrealistic assumptions
       will not be accepted however mathematically or logically
       sophisticated the discussion may be.


   Research Papers

Papers should describe original work, and be 20 double-spaced
pages (5,000 words) or less in length.

   Industry papers

Industrial papers and practitioner reports, describing experiences
of using object-oriented technology in real-time application or
tool development projects, are an integral part of the technical
program of ISORC.  A majority of them are expected to be shorter
and less formal than research papers.  They should clearly
identify, and discuss in detail, the issues that represent the
main contribution.  Reports with project metrics supporting their
claims are particularly sought, as well as those that show both
benefits and drawbacks of the approaches used in the given
project.  Short synopses (3 double-spaced pages or less in length)
of substantial real-time applications are also invited, and should
contain enough information for the program committee to understand
the scope of the project and evaluate the novelty of the problem
or approach.  All accepted submissions will appear in the

Authors are requested to submit their manuscripts electronically
(via FTP) in the Microsoft Word document format, PDF format, or
the Postscript format to the address given below:

Submission Deadline:  October 6, 1999.

Submissions should be sent to:
   FTP site:
   login ID:      anonymous
   password:      the submitter's email address

   After the login,
  1.   Change the directory to "isorc2k-submit", i.e.,
       ftp> cd isorc2k-submit
  2.   Name the file containing the paper in the format of  zzz-y-
  n.ext where "zzz" and "y" are your last name and first initial,
  respectively, "n" is a sequence number for an author who submits
  multiple papers, and "ext" is a file extension.  For example, a
  paper by Eltefaat Shokri in PDF format should be named as
  3.   Transfer your file in the "binary" mode.

   Authors should also send the following information to
[log in to unmask] by email:
  *  Title of the paper and names of the authors.
  *  The name of the file deposited into isorc2k-submit.
  *  Email address of the contact author.
  *  An indication of whether the author prefers the paper to be
     reviewed by the main PC or the industry program subcommittee.


                      SYMPOSIUM  CO-CHAIRS

  Insup  Lee     Joerg  Kaiser   Tohru  Kikuno     Bran  Selic
 U. Penn., USA     U. of Ulm,    Osaka U., Japan    ObjectTime,
[log in to unmask]      Germany      [log in to unmask]      Canada
     edu        kaiser@informa     [log in to unmask]


   Eltefaat         Vinny          Makoto           Bhavani
    Shokri          Cahill        Takizawa       Thuraisingham
    Compaq,     Trinity College,  Tokyo Denki       (Industry
     USA            Ireland        U., Japan      Subcom Chair)
Eltefaat.Shokri  vinny.cahill@   [log in to unmask]  Mitre Corp., USA   [log in to unmask]

                        PROGRAM  COMMITTEE

Jakob Axelsson,       Edwin de Jong,         Radu Popescu-
  Volvo, Sweden         Hollandse              Zeletin, GMD,
Luiz Bacellar,  UTRC,   Signaal.,              Germany
  USA                   NL                   Isabelle Puaut,
Farokh Bastani,  UT,  Moon-Hae Kim,  Konkuk    IRISA, France
  Dallas, USA           U., Korea            Michel Raynal,
Gordon Blair,  U.     Ichizo Kogiku,  NTT      IRISA, France
  Lancaster, UK         Software             Barry Redmond,
Greg Bollella,  IBM,    Corp.,  Japan          Dublin Inst.
  USA                 Hermann Kopetz,          Tech.,Ireland
Andrea Bondavalli,      Tech. U. Vienna,     Manas Saksena,
  CNR, Italy            Austria                Concordia U.,
Tharam Dillon,  La    Yue-Sun Kuo,  Inst.      Canada
  Trobe U,              Inf. Sci.,           Karsten Schwan,
  Australia             Academia Sinica,       GIT, USA
Lisa DiPippo,  U.       Taiwan               Phillip Sheu, UCI,
  Rhode Island,       Shinji Kusumoto,         USA
  USA                   Osaka U., Japan      Timothy Shih,
Paul Ezhilchelvan,    Jane Liu,  U. of         Tamkang U.,
  U. Newcastle,         Illinois,  USA         Taiwan
  UK                  Doug Locke,            Oleg Sokolsky,
Michael Franz,  UCI,    LockheedMartin,        U. Penn.,
  USA                   USA                    USA
Arif Ghafoor,         Joseph Loyall,         John Stankovic,
   Purdue U., USA       BBN, USA               U. Virginia,
Michel Gien,  Sun     Michael Mock,  GMD,      USA
  Micro.,               Germany              Jean B. Stefani,
  France              Louise Moser,  UCSB,     CNET,
Radu Grosu,  U.         USA                    France
  Penn., USA          Leo Motus,  Tallin     Chittur Subarraman,
Babak Hamidzadeh,       U. Tech. U.,           Microsoft,
  BC,                   Estonia                USA
  Canada              Tatsuo Nakajima,       Jerome Tassel,  BT,
Dieter Hammer, U.       JAIST, Japan           UK
  Eindhoven,          Edgar Nett,  U.        Tom Wheeler,  Mitre
  NL                    Magdeburg,             Corp., USA
Hiroaki Higaki,         Germany
  Tokyo Denki U.,     Carlos E. Pereira,
  Japan                 UFRGS,
Douglas Jensen,         Brazil
  Mitre Corp., USA    Andreas Polze,
                        Humboldt U.,


Luiz Bacellar,        David Hislop,  US      Rick Schantz,
  UTRC, USA             ARMY, USA              BBN Tech., USA
Greg Bollella,        Douglas Jensen,        Dave Stringer,
  IBM, USA              Mitre Corp., USA       Nortel Networks, UK
Jim Coplien,                    Tom Lawrence,                   Tucker Taft,
  Lucent, USA                   USAF Lab, USA          Averstar, USA
                          Doug Locke,             Dave Thomas,
Ron Crocker,            Lookheed Martin,       IBM/OTI, Canada
  Motorola, USA         USA


   Greg  Bollella         Doug  Jensen          Edgar  Nett
      IBM, USA          Mitre Corp., USA       Magdeburg U.,
[log in to unmask]     [log in to unmask]          Germany
                                              [log in to unmask]


Richard Soley  Hermann Kopetz   Ichizo Kogiku   Raymond Paul
   OMG, USA     T. U. Vienna,   NTT Software,  Dept. Defense,
[log in to unmask]    Austria          Japan             USA
               [log in to unmask]  kogiku@        [log in to unmask]


   Michael  Franz         Philip  Sheu           Kane  Kim
  UC  Irvine,  USA      UC  Irvine,  USA      UC Irvine,  USA
 [log in to unmask]      [log in to unmask]

Keynote  Speaker:    Dr. James Rumbaugh,  Rational Fellow
Banquet  Speaker:    Dr. Richard Soley,  Chairman and CEO, OMG