> Contrary to popular belief, the authors are very familiar with the
> "round-trip" engineering support provided by the Rose and ObjectTeam
> products for Ada/UML. We experienced similar results using both, the issue
> is not the tools.
> ...
> There are many cases when these child packages *do not* warrant
> representation as classes .....
> .....  In my opinion, insults and antagonistic commentary are not
> welcome here and are counterproductive.  It also seems as if people are
> commenting without even having read the subject article.  I would recommend
> doing so to keep the discussions focused.

So, someone misreported the content of the article, and the rest of us
(myself included) believed him/her.  Please accept my apology, and I hope
I speak for the group.

Still, most of the messages provided good answers--though apparently for
the wrong question.

Wes Groleau

"Microsoft is not the answer.  Microsoft is the question.  The answer is "NO."