>Does anyone know of a web/ftp site with a good SLOC counter for Ada? > >Thanks, >Mike I haven't got a particular interest in joining the controversy about the value of SLOC counters, but I know where one can be found... ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/ase/support/cardcatx/countada.htm has the documentation of the countada program. The description of the program is "This function calculates the "statements" of a valid Ada fragment specified by a FILE_NAME string parameter. It need not be a complete compilation unit but it should have closed all open parentheses and string brackets. The number of statements of code is returned as an integer. The Ada statement is defined by a semicolon terminator outside of comments, parentheses, or string or character literals. The definition is insensitive to formatting or layout of the source. This copy of the function is embedded in a test and driver program...." AUTHOR WIS JPMO Washington, D.C. 20330 Contact: Lt. Colonel Falgiano ESD/SCW Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 DATE CREATED 1985 The index says the file itself is at ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/ase/ase01_02/comps/countada and also on the ASE cdrom. ((I have suggested a revision to that program that repairs a subtle defect, but my suggestion has evidently not found its way into the publicly available version. Should you decide to use the tool, I'll be glad to mail my repair in case you need it....)) -- John Woodruff N I F \ ^ / Lawrence Livermore National Lab =====---- << o > 925 422 4661 / v \