> [log in to unmask] says:
> >Rational Rose has an Ada add-in that successfully generates Ada 95 from
> >UML.
>   Perhaps a Rational employee, say the guest editor of the issue,
> would like to send a letter to the editor correcting the article's
> ignorance of the situation.
>   Ditto for other folks' illumination on the subject, especially as
> they go cover other areas than the Rational Rose product.

I remember earlier this year having passed on a comment made by
a Rational employee in response to my query about support for
Ada 95 in Rational Rose. To paraphrase, Rational doesn't see Ada
as a viable language, so will not be supported.

I got a fairly adamant response from Rational's Ada product
manager correcting that erroneous statement.  He said,
[paraphrasing] Rational offers Ada development tools and would
provide an Ada 95 module for Rose [full round trip engineering
would be supported for Apex Ada, code generation only would be
supported for straight Ada95].

The Rational Ada Product Manager would be the best source for
comment.  Hopefully, he will set the story straight again.

Phil Johnson