Hi, Everyone,

As you may know, attendees at SIGAda 99 will receive copies of
the latest update (Update 2) of the Ada and Software Engineering
CDROM from Walnut Creek CDROM.  This two-disc set adds over 1.2G
bytes of material to the existing two-disc November 1998 ASE
CDROM many of you received at last year's conference and with
the newsletter earlier this year.  Update 2 combines with the
baseline to form an integrated 4-disc set of material.  Update 2
can also stand alone.

There are many new features, and you will find a detailed,
4-page writeup of this CDROM set on my website at:

Statistically speaking, this 2-disc set contains over
30,400 files in 486 directories.  The byte count
is about 1,268,121,000 bytes.

Richard Conn, ASE and PAL Manager