Re: complaint under title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
against Greyhound Lines Inc
Fr: Robert Barrett
5154 Mitchell-Saxon
Fort Worth, Texas 76140
817.561.6584 .

To who it may concern:
On Sunday September 26.1999 I was at the Fort Worth bus station to inquire
about passenger fares. I am an above the knee amputee with very limited
mobility and was told I may have a companion ride along with me to assist in
my travel. Then the ticket agent informed me that it was the station master
discretion to allow a companion traveler on the bus with me. He informed me
I could buy an advance ticket so that we could both travel together for the
same fare. I agreed that I did not want to risk her not being able to assist
me so I bought a fare with a free companion ticket.
We were to leave Dallas Texas at 11:00 PM. I arrived and checked in with the
station master who said her name was Rebecca and that the bus was late. She
also said she would assist me on my bus when it arrived .After an hour and a
half we went out side where I was told to wait by the double doors for
access to the bus with Rebecca's help. The bus showed up and a large
African-American driver in uniform approached me. I told him I was an ADA
passenger and would like some assistance on the bus.
His reply was "Cracker the line is over there and your not getting on my
bus" I said "excuse me?" and he said "Cracker your not in line and you will
not get on my bus" I immediately left for the station master and reported
this to her. She told a Greyhound personnel "to go and get us on that bus"
So we walked right back too where the bus was parked. The driver saw us
coming and got back in his bus and drove off. He even had all the baggage
door opened and a full crew chasing the bus to close the doors which was
about half full.
Back in Rebecca office she told me the next bus to our destination was at
2:30. We would have to wait until then. No additional offers of assistance
were provided despite my wife's inquiry about such aid. So we sat on the
lobby floor, waiting for this buss, with people walking and stumbling over
us. My leg was bleeding by this time and I was already in great pain and
While in the Dallas station we watch several employees park in the
handicapped parking place inside where the buses load and unload. They were
load and unloading things from there car for his job and or personal objects
such as maybe guns drugs or other type of contraband. There is no poster as
required by law concerning ADA passenger rights.
When we got in San Antonio a person we had met in the Dallas lobby earlier
that evening said that Dallas Greyhound had called a special bus for the
rest of the passenger who also had been unable to board. This man was a
frequent rider of this route and said this was a common practice. He was
surprised that no one had told us about this additional bus arrangement. So
Rebecca did not inform her ADA passenger he could have an earlier bus but
would rather make him wait until the 2:00 a.m. bus.
When we got to our destination I was no longer to walk and needed medical
attention. My HMO did not have a doctor in Laredo so I asked the station
master Roberto if we could catch the next bus back to Dallas. He told me
that it left at 4:00 p.m.
If this is the way Greyhound treats its ADA passengers I am sure the
attorney general of Texas and the United States Attorney General might want
to hear about this practice.Futhermore I feel there is a bait and switch
going on at the ticket office by forcing me to buy a fare that is not
required returned home I called the Greyhound office to report this and was
offered such things as $100 and free tickets but never was offered an
apology about the way I was treated. Per your website I
think that I have been discriminated by Greyhound Lines Inc. and would like
very much for you to investigate this matter for a ADA American.
Very dissatisfied ADA traveler
Robert Barrett
5154 Mitchell-Saxon
Fort Worth, Texas 76140
817.561.6584 .