> > >   (a) What if you want the csh instead of the sh?
> >
> > Not possible through POSIX.
> >
> Not correct.  You issue the command string
> "csh -c <single-parameter>", so the "sh" shell executes
> csh with the appropriate single string parameter -- i.e.,
> quoting, or escaping, or whatever to make the string
> passed to csh a single parameter as far as sh is concerned.
> Then csh will parse that single string.
> For a concrete example "csh -c 'cp file_a file_b'"
> or  "csh -c cp\ file_a\\ file_b"
> I do this all the time (with tcsh), because I find the
> syntax of tcsh/csh easier to rememeber than the Bourne Shell.

Well, to split a hair, much like we are used to doing with the RM...

While the above works most places, I do not believe it is ensured to be
portable on a POSIX compliant system.  If you want to stay within POSIX then
it is not possible.  That is, "csh" is not required for a POSIX compliant

CAVEAT: I don't have the latest POSIX documents, so perhaps "csh" or "tcsh"
have been added.


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