[said Tom]
> I seem to recall that the Ada Joint Program Office (AJPO) gave many of its
> records to the George Washington University in Washington, DC, for
> safekeeping, when it was disbanded a year or two ago.  I would expect that
> copies of the four early color coded language candidates would be included
> in the collection.  Professor Michael B. Feldman of GWU may be able to help
> you, but he is on sabbatical this year.
> Tom Panfil -- Treasurer -- Baltimore SIGAda
Yes, but I'm reading my e-mail more or less regularly. Indeed we have
acquired much of the AJPO library, and eventually our library will
be able to catalog it as a special collection. However, DISA keot
a lot of it as well.

I'm away from Washington now, but will check when I get back; I think
our librarian has a reasonable index of documents, but the chances
are good the docs themselves will be deep in some file box awaiting

Mike Feldman