There are a few answers to this depending on your needs:

1. You can access Java using the Java Native Interface (JNI).
   There is an Ada binding to it at my web page
   The license for this is going to be changed to BSD open source.

2. There is a higher level binding for native code to Java classes at
   I don't think this has been updated for the Java 2 platform (JDK1.2).

3. Some compilers will compile Ada to Java byte code.


"Kester, Rush W." wrote:
> As I understand, Java has two classes of data types: primitives and objects.
> The first is a very tiny set that includes char, boolean, int, double,
> short, and just a few others. The second is a gigantic set, which includes
> all the thousands of classes in all the Java standard libraries. Is this
> second category available from Ada (or from any other language, for that
> matter)?
> Also, I'd very much like to have a URL to a source where I can read more.
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