Tom Moran wrote:
>   So Sun does claim warranty of fitness for
> > ... direct life-support machines, or WEAPONS SYSTEMS"
> or submarines, cars, high speed trains, spacecraft, heavy
> machine control, enterprise-critical computer systems, etc?

Of course not!
Sun, like mickeysoft and most everybody else disclaims warranty
of fitness for *ANY* purpose (This applies to Gnat too, see the GPL).

BTW: the Sun license also has this to say in reference to air
traffic control, etc:
"You warrant that you will not use Software for these purposes."

Sun must think Java is suitable for enterprise-critical computer
systems, though, given their efforts with Enterpise Java Beans etc.
I can say that flying in an aircraft controlled by Java is
probably safer than one controlled by C, until garbage
collection kicks in just when you need reverse thrust.