Since I'm getting into running Ada programs on a DEC/Compaq Alpha machine, I've downloaded the corresponding GNAT version for NYU.
It works fine for the compiler itself.
However, the gdb file (gdb-4_17_gnat_3_11p_alpha-dec-osf4_0d.gz) seems in a different archive format than the other *.gz files found on the NYU server.
I've tried several utilities : tar, gzip and winzip choke on it.
Who knows which format this is, and (better) which tool I should use ?

Here is the list of alpha-related files found in the gnat+gdb directories :
NOT OK : gdb-4_17_gnat_3_11p_alpha-dec-osf4_0d.gz
OK :            gdbtk-4_17-alpha-dec-osf4_0d_tar.gz
OK :            gnat-3_11p-alpha-dec-osf4_0d-bin_tar.gz

Thanks for any clue,

-- Hervé
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