> ......  Suggestions for other cost effective
> ways to promote Ada are very welcome.  Send your thoughts to me
> (mailto:[log in to unmask]) or Ann (see above).

There is a nicely done full-color brochure (12 pages) that I got from "Ada
Resource Center, 1050 Highway 35, Suite 103, Shrewsbury, NJ 617-556-9246"

Unfortunately for today, it is all Ada 83 except pages 10-11 (which use
the term "9X").  An update of this would be a good thing to spread

Also, I have seen other brochures which were very nice, but which somehow
got uglified in the process of translating them into AdaIC web pages.

Aonix once sent out an outstanding ad, not selling Ada per se, but
offering a _reliability_tool_ which was revealed--without
defensiveness--to be an Ada compiler _after_ the reader might reasonably
have been convinced of the need for it.