Nick Roberts <[log in to unmask]> on 11/18/99 11:49:23 AM

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Subject:  "OS in Ada" project promoting Ada

Nick Roberts wrote:

>project. It is strange, is it not, how it really does seem to be left to
>impecunious volunteers such as myself to promote a language which, on
>the face of it, ought (still) to be considered of major national
>importance, by the US government, and by other national governments too?

Very well put. It is bewildering to me that Ada, perhaps the most thoughtfully
designed language to date, is now ignored by its original patron.

I think your objectives for the AdaOS are pretty well thought out.  I'd like to
help although I don't know much about OS's yet. I'll look at the project "chat"

F. Britt Snodgrass