> When I saw the subject line "DC Metro Position" I thought "Great, the DC
> subway system is going to be programmed in Ada!"  When I saw that the
> skill
> background was Air Trafffic Control I was even more impressed, visualizing
> a
> Space Age system with flying subways (an interesting image :-)  But then I
> realized that I had mis-interpreted "Metro" :-(


I forwarded the message to a friend looking for an Ada job and made the same
interpretation.  I now suspect that this is an FAA job at Lockheed Martin in
Rockville, Maryland.

Some sort of automation controls the rail operations of the DC metro while
an operator rides aboard the train to open the doors and announce the stops.
However, the operators have been running the trains manually for the past
few months as they have encountered several problems with the automatic
system.  I believe that it comes from the mid-seventies, so it was long
before Ada's time.

Bill Borgia