Yes, this is the Lockheed Martin slot. I am spending most of time on this
project right now. There are a LOT of openings.
LOTS of Ada. Longevity looks very good, based on current economic

email me for more details.


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> > When I saw the subject line "DC Metro Position" I thought "Great, the DC
> > subway system is going to be programmed in Ada!"  When I saw that the
> > skill
> > background was Air Trafffic Control I was even more impressed,
> visualizing
> > a
> > Space Age system with flying subways (an interesting image :-)  But then
> I
> > realized that I had mis-interpreted "Metro" :-(
> >
> [Borgia]
> Ben,
> I forwarded the message to a friend looking for an Ada job and made the
> same
> interpretation.  I now suspect that this is an FAA job at Lockheed Martin
> in
> Rockville, Maryland.
> Some sort of automation controls the rail operations of the DC metro while
> an operator rides aboard the train to open the doors and announce the
> stops.
> However, the operators have been running the trains manually for the past
> few months as they have encountered several problems with the automatic
> system.  I believe that it comes from the mid-seventies, so it was long
> before Ada's time.
> Bill Borgia