Rush et al,
> Maybe Ada Successes, need to be less "official" and not insist on a
> confirmed & identified source within the organization.  What we need is
> something like Rumor Central.  Where folks can report projects done in Ada.
> Once the "editors" are reasonably convinced that they have the information
> straight and that it's reliable, publish it.
Check the following URL, which is my attempt to do exactly as you
suggest. I've gotten all _sorts_ of "here is something to add to
the list, but you didn;t hear it from me.." stuff.:-)

I've circulated this in paper and by e-mail for several years, but
only just got around to putting it on the web. It's linked from
my own website and the education site; maybe AdaPower and others
wan to hook up too.

Additions and corrections encouraged. Confidentiality respected.:-)

Mike Feldman