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From the Matra-Transport page I find the following:

The PA 135

The 135 kHz automated control system is a driving assistance system that
uses digital technology with continuous transmission and speed control by
a programmed ground-based network. It is used worldwide in numerous subway
systems - Paris, Lyon'9s Metro line C, Mexico City, Caracas, Prague
and Budapest.


The SACEM (Systeme d'Aide a la Conduite, a l'Exploitation et a la
Maintenance - Assisted Driving, Operating and Maintenance System) is
an assisted driving system that is compatible with conventional signaling
systems. It is a digital system using an encoded monoprocessor with
continuous transmission and speed control on-board.  It is currently used
by line A of the Paris RER and lines A and 8 of the Mexico City
subway system.

The Meteor system (French acronym SAET) is a second-generation SACEM.
The various railroad-related articles linked from


are (naturally) Ada-related and mention the Ada compiler used
(indeed, many of these pages came from Ada vendors). Unfortunately
they do not mention the name of the application system (SACEM, etc.).

Can anyone confirm (publicly or privately) whether these are (or are not)
"Ada inside"?

Mike Feldman