"Carlisle, Martin" wrote:
> One of our faculty, Barry Fagin, is pursuing an Ada interface for
> programming the Lego Mindstorms.  My understanding is that his current idea
> is to translate Ada to NQC.  This route seems a lot simpler to me than
> attempting to complete the ECGS combination with GNAT.

I suppose it depends how large a subset he is planning to translate.
If he is expecting to translate full Ada, he would be wise to start
with an existing front end.

We also have a technology which might be relevant, an Ada 95 compiler
that uses optimized ANSI C as its intermediate representation.  This
might or might not be easier to use than GNAT as a starting point for
this effort.

Given the reported memory size, I can't quite imagine how a Java
Virtual Machine would fit.

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