[said Rush]
> I did a "Logo" programming course with my first son and we both had a great
> time.  Now he's in Aerospace engineering at U of MD.  :-)  Who knows how far
> the next generation of scientists and engineers will go if we make these
> neat toys (a.k.a. tools) available using a reliable and portable language
> like Ada?
> I've been wanting to get an Ada interface to Lego's for some time for use at
> the High School level.  Please let me know if you (or someone else) are
> successful in getting an Ada binding to the Lego interface.  Either
> ObjectAda or GNAT binding would work for my purposes since both compilers
> are available for free to students.
> Rush Kester

Note that my Spider package is in many ways an offshoot of Logo. It
provides an easy to learn set of commands (which are just Ada subprogam
calls), cpmbined with the usual Ada control structures. This was
originally the work of John Dalbey at Cal Poly; I've adapted it to
simulate the spider in character and high-res plotting modes.

It would be most interesting to "retarget" spider as a simple
programming language for the hardware Lego 'bots.

See http://www.seas.gwu.edu/cs1book/software.html for details.

Mike Feldman