AdaWorks wrote:
> Tucker,
> Hearty thanks for the update on the activities of the ARA.
> Have any of the articles by Ann Brandon been published in
> the mainstream software press?  Would be interested in
> reading them.

Ann helped arrange the interview with me in Government
Computer News in late June.  She is also helping to ghost-write
an article for the Wind River "Embedded Systems Journal" and
one for the Linux Journal, I believe.  She also helped edit
an article Randy Brukardt is preparing for IEEE Software on
Ada conformance assessment.
> BTW, Embedded Systems Programming, November 1999, article by
> Jack Ganssle, "Wandeing Pointers, Wandering Code," has a nice
> comment about Ada on page 21. It is a nice summary of Ada versus C.

Glad to hear articles like this are appearing.
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