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According to


(the site devoted to Communications-Based Train Control, or CBTC)
for an update dated Monday which says, in part:

"NYCT Selects Siemens/MATRA for new CBTC Technology Standard

22 NOV 1999 - At its board meeting today, the Metropolitan Transit Authority
(New York City Transit's governing board) approved the award of a
$138,228,635 contract to Matra Transport International / Union Switch &
Signal to "Modernize the Canarsie Line Signal System using
Communications-Based Train Control Technology" and "create a CBTC standard."
In the near future the MTA will be asked to approve contracts to
"follower" firms. It is anticipated that Alcatel and Alstom will be
recommended to receive such contracts."

See the Matra page at

for some details on the system from which the New York software will be

This is a big win for Ada, folks.

Mike Feldman