The Ada and Software Engineering (ASE) Library
is duplicated three times on the Web to give
the users easy access to the material:

The site at ISU is not quite up to date but should
be soon.

The baseline ASE CDROM (dated November 1998) and
the Update 2 ASE CDROM (dated October 1999) comprise
a 4-CDROM set that combine to duplicate the entire
ASE Library website, and instructions are included
in the Update 2 ASE CDROM as to how to build your

The ASE Library contains over 2G bytes of material,
broken down as follows:

Disc      Files   Dirs          Bytes
=======  ======  =====  =============
01_01     6,859    415    579,877,798
01_02     2,838    271    565,864,983
01_04    29,715    431    578,886,732
01_05       719     55    627,427,344
support     416      1      7,796,557

ASE      40,547  1,173  2,359,853,414

The support directory (on ASE01_04, NOT on
ASE01_05 as per the online instructions) is used
to form an integrated website from the CDROMs.

Thought you would like to know these statistics.

Richard Conn, ASE and PAL Manager