[said Wes]
> > http://www.ratp.fr/index.eng.html
> >
> > Then click on Line 14 (Meteor)
> To fix the broken link at the bottom of the Line 14 page:
> Click on it, then (if your browser will allow) change the host IP address to
> No mention of Ada.
No, of course not! In general, stuff like this is pretty thin on
technical details, as they are designed for the general public.
Something as deep in the techie details as the coding language
would not even be on the radar screen of those who create sites
like this.

Generally we find out this sort of technical info if (only if)

(1) the project does a technical paper at some conference or other
(2) someone close to the project tells us

Also keep in mind that these big transportation-industry companies
are fiercely competitive and very unlikely to reveal much in detail.
There are big bucks involved. (Potentially at least $3 billion in
New York, though of course not all of that goes to software.:-))

Mike Feldman