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> > > > a little http server (it isn't that much work)
for Ada, ...
> > >    Looking at RFC 2616, "little" isn't the word
that comes to mind,
> > > even after tossing everything related to
cacheing.  What do you
> > > have in mind?
> >
> >
> > er/index.html
> >
> > "The following code implements a simple,
multithreaded HTTP server in a
> > few hundred lines of Java code."
> It's not _just_ a few hundred lines of Java.  It's
about four hundred
> lines that make many more lines worth of API calls.
As many lines of Ada
> could easily make the same calls and probably more
I get the impression that you think I was suggesting
that Java might be better than Ada for this. I wasn't.
I was suggesting that something similar could be done
in _just_ a few hundred lines of Ada. Of course the
_same_ API calls can be made if you use Cafe1815
(just as easily as Java, once I finish grinder).