I would like form feedback much better if I were provided a COPY of my

Nine-times out of 10 - the programmer hasn't provided this courtesy. And -
if you're going to do this (give me a copy) tell me upfront so I'll be more
inclined to comment.

This is why I prefer e-mail fields - and I"ve configured Netscape with an
e-mail address that I use rarely - so I can tell if it's being spammed (it's
not on any discussion lists nor is it on any web pages, so it can't be

If I'm writing to tell you about a 404 error - I do *not* want to have to
through 15 mandatory fields. I did that once out of pique. No fields were
marked as mandatory - so I completed them one-at-a-time. Of course, by the
time I got to the last one, I had a Lot more to tell the web designer than a
page was broken.  ;-)

Oh- and IIRC - there was no privacy statement. So I fabricated all the info
I was supposed to be providing. I did, however, tell them that in the text