> > Not only that, but it is difficult to argue that Ada is the most portable
> > language, since an easy comeback is "What language is used for the
> > compiler?".  The Intermetrics front end is in C.  The GNAT back end is in
> > C.  "Why?"  Portability.
> That is certainly not the explanation here.
> I would say that the GNAT back end is in C because GNAT uses the GCC backend
> which is in C, has always been in C and was in C many years before GNAT came
> to life !

Because GNAT uses the GCC backend, it is easy for it to integrate code
with gcc, g77, g++, gpascal, gas, etc.  This helps against the popular
myth that Ada doesn't work well with other things.

Now, it is not quite a myth that Ada people (myself included) do not work
well with other people.  :-)