From another mailing list:

> "Flying Text"
> The style the original poster described would require DHTML, style sheets
> and javasripting. I don't recommend you venture into DHTML unless you are
> versed in these technologies. That said, you can find sample code for all
> of this but most instances it is browser specific. If you do implement such
> code BE SURE you test for browser AND platform compatibility. One source is
> at <>Jars.

I'm sure an applet could do this and not be browser-specific (except for
needing a JVM).  I do not have the tools or time to write one, but if
anyone else is willing and able, I'll be happy to dig up the original
request and the URLs you'll need to present it to these people with your
name on it.

And with Ada's name on it, if it's in Ada, which I hope it will be.  :-)