> Actually, I am on Team-Ada but NOT on comp.lang.ada.  I liked this issue.
> I thought comp.lang.ada was a news list, not a mailing list.  Am I wrong?
> I have no access to news lists.

Anyone with access to the web can read news by going to:


and subscribing to comp.lang.ada via the "mydeja" page.

Having two places where essentially the same things are discussed
is generally bad news, as you end up with two conversations with
partial overlap and confusion.

Team-Ada was founded as an Ada Advocacy mailing list.  It is not
a general place for proposing language changes, asking Ada questions,
etc.  That is what comp.lang.ada is for.

I believe there is also a mailing list that is connected to
comp.lang.ada, though I don't know the details (perhaps someone
else does).

> Regards,
> Steve